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Get the most advanced, multi-functional men's compression support boxers, briefs, and pantsand slimming shorts with  GearCom® Men's Micromassage Sport Body Shaping Boxers and Slimming Garments. 
Performance, comfort, support, energizing and body shaping! Great for sports and everyday underwear.
GearCom®  Mens Micromassage Sport Body Shaper Boxer, Briefs and waist cinching shorts provide you with the energizing compression support and circulation boost you need for your active lifestyle with the added benefit of body shaping for today's slim cut clothing. GearCom®  exclusive 3 D elastomeric compression fabric boosts circulation, tones muscles, and prevents muscle fatigue. Moreover, the special seamless non chaffing design and bacteristatic fibers that control odor make this ideal for sports and everyday wear.
Waist Cincher man shapewear


Inner Fabric- Micromassage Knit


Man body shaper waist cincher
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Great for Sports and Every Day Wear!

  • The secret to GearCom®  men's slimming garments men's like our support compression boxers, high waisted waist cincher boxers, and slimming shirts is the combination of knit in compression bands that model a sleeker body shape and  the specially molded Raised 3-D weft knit fabric which simulates a continuous massagmens compression slimming shirte effect on the body, thereby improving circulation and energizing your body. Better circulation facilitates the drainage of retained liquids trapped in the body, which causes localized swelling and puffiness!
  •  GearCom®   multi functional design features a built in Body Shaper that is perfect for today’s slim cut designs. Made from a highly elastic microfiber compression fabric, GearCom™ can immediately reduce your size measurements by 1 to 3 inches! Wear it underneath your clothes for a sleeker figure immediately. Try our new gut busting slimming shirt or our waist cincher high waisted compression boxer for a flatter stomach and get rid of the waist bulge and love handles. Look great under your shirts without those uncomfortable waist cinch belts! Discreet outer design makes it great for every day wear!      
  • Expect firmer, toner skin in just a few days as GearCom®  MicromassagWaist Cincher body shapere Compression Support Boxers and slimming shirts boost circulation which is needed to flush out trapped liquids and toxins are responsible for puffiness.
  • Unlike other slimming vests, compression support boxers, waist cinchers,  and men girdle like underwear, GearCom®   does not contain neoprene, latex, or rubber.   GearCom®  Support Boxers and slimming shirts are made from the softest microfiber fabric woven with Meryl SkinLife bacteriostatic fabric with silver ions, which prevent bacteria from proliferating and keep skin healthy, dry, and odor free. This special fabric retains these bacteriostatic benefits permanently, for the lifetime of the garment. 
  •  GearCom®  compression briefs and man body shaper garments are made with seamless technology and are like a second skin, offering 360 degree freedom of fabric movement...that's comfortable! This seamless technology prevents chafing, even on long runs and hikes. Additionally, these compression boxers and support briefs were created for male dimensions and movement and won't shift and bunch during your workouts.  GearCom®   is made in Italy using the finest European yarns. Enjoy maximum comfort and durability only resulting from high quality Italian workmanship.


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